Sewer & Septic Systems

Septic System Installations

Our highly trained installers utilize the most proven and effective technologies and follow the developing and promising trends in the industry. We maintain the highest level of training required by the state regulators and recommended by industry groups. We also work closely with our vendors to keep informed on new systems and equipment introduced to the industry.

The Mathewson Companies offers the highest level of assistance. We provide free estimates for new systems and for reconstruction of existing ones. We inspect the project site and provide recommendations based on individual customer needs – whether it is the design and construction of a new system or improvement or expansion of the existing. We work closely with engineers and system designers to provide the best value to our customers.

We are a proud member of the Granite State Designers and Installers Association.

We are Licensed Subsurface Systems Installer in the State of New Hampshire. Verification of installer status can be performed on the official NH Dept. of Environmental Services website.

State of NH Registered Installer #03316

Septic Systems Evaluations
No one (except for a small group of highly trained professionals like us) pays a lot of attention to septic systems, so long as they silently do their job. Unfortunately, when a septic system fails things get messy and often very pricey. Evaluation of condition of the septic system is a very important aspect of a thoughtful maintenance plan and is crucial for home buyers that need to know whether the system attached to their prospective new home will need to be repaired or replaced even before they move in. Many times, the formal evaluation is a prerequisite required by local authorities, lending institutions or other entities involved in the sale transaction.

The Mathewson Companies performs certified Septic Systems Evaluations. We provide services to home owners, realtors, home inspectors, and other parties that may have a vital interest in the formal inspection of a septic system. We work with realtors and home inspectors to accommodate their busy schedules and to coordinate our services in such way as to minimize the inconvenience for the buyers and sellers. During the inspection, our licensed technicians go through a rigorous checklist to evaluate all critical system components and performance. At the end, a written certified report is issued to the authorized person – we have strict privacy policies that prevent release of confidential information to unauthorized parties.

Sewer and Septic Troubleshooting
The Mathewson Companies is available 24 hours a day for emergency services. With consistent reliability, we are there when you need us the most. Utilizing the combination of experience, skills and modern technology, we handle emergency situations with promptness and efficiency. Our mobile response unit is equipped with line cameras allowing remote line and structure inspections, which identify and locate problem areas without the need for costly and messy excavation. We also employ water jetting equipment, which is the most efficient and thorough way of clearing clogs, line freeze-ups, root invasion and is perfect for line flushing. Our jetting equipment can be utilized inside and outside the building to treat anything from minor branch line clogs to major sewer main blockages. It can also be utilized for drainage and underdrainage systems.
Annual Septic Maintenance and Filter Program

The maintenance of septic systems is not very complicated, but to keep the system in top operating condition, it needs to be done regularly. Home owners don’t want to worry about when to clean the effluent filter, check the levels of effluent in the tank, verify the presence of beneficial bacteria, check the condition of baffles and vents. We will do all that work for you and provide maintenance recommendations. At a flat rate of $75 per year, our annual program provides peace of mind and will keep your system going for a long time.