About Us

The Mathewson Companies

Our company was established in the early nineteen eighties and incorporated as a New Hampshire corporation in 1986. Ever since, we have served the greater Monadnock Region and expanded into Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee and Merrimack Valley regions.

Humble beginnings allowed us to build character, strength, and integrity one year at a time. Being deeply rooted in the heart of the Monadnock Region, we are fortunate to have developed a wonderful client base and become a vital part of the community.

Over the years, we also became an important economic factor in the area, offering affordable goods and services as well as providing well-paid jobs for the residents of local communities.

Loyal customers and employees are our most valuable assets.

We are proud to be a member of the Town of Hancock community and a member of the Greater Monadnock Collaborative – Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best quality goods and services at the highest value to the customer while creating a thriving work environment for our employees.
Town of Hancock, NH

Trusted and used by individual customers and large companies alike.



1986 – Mathewson Blacktop founded by Phil Mathewson. The company offered asphalt maintenance services of seal coating and crack sealing.

1989 – Began offering the service of paving in addition to asphalt maintenance.

1990 – Began offering winter driveway maintenance services of plowing, sanding and shoveling to provide year-round employment for employees.

1996 – Incorporated “The Mathewson Companies”.

1997 – Began offering excavation and site work services.

1997 – Became one of the first companies in the Monadnock Region to recycle asphalt products.

2000 – Began offering services for septic system installation, replacement and evaluations.

2002 – Main office moved from 120 Norway Hill Road to 160 Norway Hill Road. New shop built and gravel pit area established between Route 202 and the office.

2003 – Phil Mathewson received “Business Leader of the Year” award from the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.

2004 – Began operating the former Upland Farms Gravel Pit on Sharon Road in Peterborough.

2011– Rivermead Retirement Community Phase II project began. Cutler Associates Inc., hired Mathewson Companies, Inc. for excavation and site development.

2012 – Septic Pumping Services launched. Converted a vintage 99 Mac into a septic pumping truck

2014 – Expansion into site development sector

2017 – Internal restructuring to adapt to the challenges of reenergizing economy.