Winter Maintenance

Are you singing the winter maintenance blues?

Keeping up with the winter maintenance chores around your house can seem never-ending and impossible ~ yet it is very important for safety and accessibility.

If you are getting overwhelmed with the tasks at your home, let us help. We provide services that will keep your home safe and accessible and ready for spring. Here are just few of the things we can do to help:

  • Brush and tree clearing
  • Supervised brush burning
  • Shovel paths to your utilities~oil tank, propane tank, power meter
  • Shovel roofs to prevent damage or collapse
  • and, of course, snow plowing, sanding & salting

SNOW PLOWING: Mathewson Companies has had a large customer plowing base since 1990. We plow and sand residential and commercial lots and roadways, as well as snow blow and shovel walks and paths.

SHOVELING: We can help protect your home and outbuildings from damage by shoveling roofs. This will prevent the buildup of ice dams or the risk of a building collapsing under the weight of too much snow. Utility providers expect the homeowner to provide clear access to tanks and meters. We can keep these paths clear for you to ensure you never miss a fill up of propane or heating oil.

SNOW CLEANUP: We can remove those high (and dangerous) piles of snow that block the ends of your driveway putting you at risk each time you venture out.
All of our trucks are equipped with telephones and two-way radios so that we can dispatch our crews efficiently. Let us clean and sand your driveway while you sleep so that you can easily get out to work (or play) when you get up in the morning.

CLEARING & BURNING: Winter is a good time to clear out your unwanted brush and dead trees. We can clear your yard of nature’s debris and provide supervised burning so that, come springtime, your yard is ready for landscaping.

SPEAKING OF LANDSCAPING… while we do not provide landscaping labor, we do sell high quality screened loam, bark mulch, crushed gravel, stone and hardpack. We deliver your material and dump right where you need it! See our materials page for a full listing of products we can provide.