Septic Evaluation

We have 2 New Hampshire Certified Septic Evaluators on staff. 

Authorized subsurface system (septic) installer in the State of New Hampshire and can be found under the Department of Environmental Services listing. (State of NH Registered Installer #03316)We work with realtors, home inspectors, buyers and sellers.  The information is kept confidential and we do not disclose information unless our point of contact authorizes release.

If you are a potential home buyer you need to know the condition of the septic system.  New systems are costly to install so you need to know what you are getting.  We work with home inspectors to coordinate the septic evaluation while doing a home inspection.  We work with our inspectors to meet the demands of scheduling.  Realtors call on us to coordinate services for either a buyer or seller.

What you can expect: 

We look inside the tank and make sure the tank is in good shape and there is a presence of healthy bacteria.  If there is a filter we check out the filtration system.  We ensure, baffles are in good shape and the tank isn’t cracked.  Camera inspections are done to locate the D-box or leach field.   The technician goes out in leach field and digs test holes to see the status of effluent (Effluent is the fluid that comes out of tank).  Think of it as a physical for your septic system. We create a full report on our findings.

Years of experience allows us to provide you with an accurate assessment.  Often there is either no work or minimal work to be completed.  An honest assessment will allow you to have peace of mind.