Annual Septic Maintenance and Filter Program

Annual Septic Maintenance and Filter Program

Our annual program will provide you with peace of mind.  Let us do all the work so you don’t have to worry. At a yearly cost of $75, the Septic Maintenance and Filter Program will cover:

Annual cleaning of your filter – enrollment will ensure that we will automatically schedule your annual appointment.

Visual inspection of your tank, for levels of effluent, condition of baffles, presence of healthy bacteria, and overall condition of the system.  In addition, the wall of the tank will be checked to ensure there are no cracks or root infiltration.  The leach field will be inspected to determine status.

By use of tool called the Sludge Judge we will be able to know how often your tank should be pumped. We will place you in our septic pumping reminder service and notify when it is time to have your system pumped.

This simple service could add years to the life your septic system.