Road Construction

When it comes to road construction Mathewson Companies can build your road (private or public) from trees to asphalt including clearing trees, removing stumps, preparing the roadway, bringing in selects to build a stable base, install proper drainage and pave the road. We can build roads to meet town road specifications upon completion. We also install curbing and sidewalks.

In addition to building new driveways for new construction projects, Mathewson Companies is often called upon by municipalities and property management firms to assist on repairs and rebuilding of public and private roads when mother nature tests our Yankee fortitude and washes away large sections of roads.

In October 2005, southwestern New Hampshire was pummeled with rain repeatedly until waterways overflowed into roads and driveways. The powerful force of water seeking the path of least resistance took much of the material in roads and driveways away downstream. Mathewson Companies was called upon to repair several roadways and driveways. 

Treelyn Road in Stoddard suffered a lot of damage and Mathewson Companies was called in to fix the road and install new drainage systems. Below are photos of our crew and equipment performing the repair work: