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Testimonial letter for the Rivermead Retirement Community Phase 2

Cutler Associates 40 Yrs. Testimonial Letter – May 22, 2013
“Needless to say, your firms’ professionalism, dedication and commitment to make the project a success is greatly appreciated and is certainly worthy of recognition. ”
Cutler Associates, Joseph Prates, Executive Vice President

There is no better feeling than doing a job well and exceeding the customer’s expectations. Many of our satisfied customers have expressed their appreciation of our job well done. Please read the following and then we hope you’ll want to join them as a satisfied Mathewson customer!
Rosamond Delori, Board of Trustees Silver Lake Land Trust
Letter received July 22, 2010:

Now that we have completed renovation of the Silver Lake boat launch area in Harrisville, I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work your organization has done on this project. We would like to thank, in particular, Mike Halliday and Rich Wheaton for their outstanding contributions. From the very beginning Mike understood the project in much greater detail than any of your potential competitors and, after award, managed the project and its logistics with great skill and effectiveness. Throughout the project we found Mike to be absolutely professional, reliable, honest and trustworthy. As the on-site supervisor Rich was, in our opinion, superb. His detailed understanding of the project matched that of Mike and he managed the work of the on-site team in a low-key, but highly efficient manner. Rich established a good relationship with the Geosyntec project engineer and their cooperative working relationship was very helpful to the project. Altogether, we are most pleased with the performance of Mathewson…on this project and will be happy to provide most favorable references to potential customers regarding your organization’s work.”


Michael J. Bartlett, President & CEO of NH Audubon
Letter received June 21, 2009:

Thank you for your in-kind donation of services to demolish the Leland Cabin at the Willard Pond Sanctuary. All of us here at New Hampshire Audubon thank you for your generosity and commitment to our mission: to protect New Hampshire’s natural environment for wildlife and for people.”

Samuel A. Lewis Jr, Peterborough
Letter received August 24, 2009:

…we were tremendously impressed and pleased by the professionalism, landscaping care, and speed that your crew brought to the project. One probably never wants to encounter a “failed” system; however, the job you did for us has made it a much more palatable experience-that also came in on budget! Warmest thanks to one and all!!!”

Julie Bonvie, Hancock
E-mail dated September 15, 2008:

Wanted to send you a quick email regarding the team you sent over to the house to look at the Septic System. Based on the initial feedback we received while having the system emptied, Tad and I were confident that we were going to have to replace the whole system. The first company I thought of on doing the work was Mathewson Co. Your company was the only choice due to the history we have with each other and the trust I have in you. I thought it important to let you know that your team here earned our trust as well. It would have been so easy to say the whole thing needed to be replaced…..but instead Cory provided me with options and told me things we could do to maintain the current system. Cory took time to answer all of my questions (being in sales, there were many) and then showed up the next two business days to get the job completed (and neatly completed considering this is my prized lawn). As Mathewson Co. is a large operation it has to be hard to monitor all the individuals that make up your team. As the end user, I thought it important to let you know how much we appreciated the quick service, the honest analysis and the team you sent to our place!”

AM, Hillsboro
Letter received May 27, 2008

We are very pleased with the end results of the work on our driveway and we’d like to take this opportunity to compliment your organization on the fine people you have working for you as well as the fine quality of their work. Shall not hesitate to recommend your company to any of our friends.”

Breezy Point Condominium Association, Antrim
Letter dated November 4, 2006:

On behalf of the BPCA Membership, we wanted to express our appreciation for the recent paving of the entire Condominium development. Your company was recommended to us with high expectations; and you even exceeded that. There are many reasons for this expression of gratitude, which can best be summarized with these points:

  • Very professional appearance to completed project
  • Fast and responsive Project Quote from the time of our inquiry
  • Very competitive bid price without sacrificing quality
  • Professional explanation of the details (for those who do not understand the industry)
  • Timely beginning of the project
  • High respect for adjacent lawn areas
  • Clean and orderly storage of equipment at night
  • High concern for safety of children and vehicles in the area
  • As much careful detail to the smaller individual driveways, as was given to the main roads
  • Knowledgeable and hard working crew, who wasted no time getting the job done

To say the least, we are very satisfied in working with The Mathewson Companies on this very large project. Thank you for all of your dedicated work in completing this project.”

Deborah Sampson & Denny Caldwell, Hancock
Letter dated February 17, 2006:

Mathewson Companies has done several jobs for us. First, we needed a new septic system. Due of the location, the installation had several difficult issues. Not only did the Mathewson people do a superb job helping resolve all issues, Phil Mathewson himself spent time with us to assure we were satisfied. The daunting task of putting in a septic system was actually made enjoyable! Every step of the way, each Mathewson employee made sure we knew what was being done and why. We were kept informed of all scheduled tasks. Customer service was fabulous! (And the price was right.) Our telephone calls were always returned promptly. Moreover, when the state septic inspector arrived, he commented that if Mathewson Companies installed the system, he knew it was done right. On two other occasions, we needed help. Due to construction, we had a spring flooding our basement. Mathewson Companies saved the day! Within two days, they had installed a drainage system that has kept our basement dry through the wettest year. Our driveway, again because of underground springs, turned into a mud pit in the Spring. Mathewson Companies was able to resolve the problem in a way that not only worked, but fit our budget. Prompt service, fair price, pleasant employees, an involved owner, excellent work (and they clean up after themselves!), good communication – we can’t say enough good things about our experience with Mathewson Companies.”

M. Gregor, Keene
Letter dated March 30, 2006:

When I talked to (Phil) on Monday morning, I felt a great deal of relief after (he) asked a series of questions and explained my options. … Cory and Eric were AWESOME. They told me what they had done, asked me some questions to help them better understand what I had been experiencing, explained their findings, offered recommendations and are two of the most conscientious individuals that I have ever had work at my home. … When I returned home that evening, I could not believe that not only had they done the work that was required, they had filled in the hole and graded the work area – it is ready for seed. I make a point of this because it is quite a large work area and not one they had dug. Rather it was the hole that had been dug in order to find the septic tank and pumping covers … which had been there since January and I was unable to fill in due to the weather and a back injury. Again, I just want you to know how grateful I am for the work that was done and the manner in which it was done and to know there are contractors who care about the job that is done … Mathewson Companies is a great find and I would highly recommend you to anyone.”